The Elements, Part 4: Water

The element of Water nourishes us, body and soul. Life on this planet began in and emerged from the deep, mysterious waters of Mother Ocean. The never-ending cycle of water is visible to us as lakes and rivers, clouds and raindrops, sweat and tears. Water resides in the West, and its time is autumn and twilight. The colors of Water are soothing blues and greens.

Our bodies are made up largely of Water, and our consciousness flows like a stream. Our emotions ebb and flow each day like the ever-changing waves. Yet we also can plumb the depths of our souls, the place where our dreams connect us to the collective unconscious. When we dive deep into those mysterious waters, we receive messages from our intuition, from our divine connection to the source of life. We see the moonlight sparkling on the water, hear the ethereal singing of the whales deep beneath, swim with the dolphins as they dance above and below the waves.

Water is healing. We use its loving energies to nurture ourselves, to fill ourselves up, to rock ourselves gently to sleep. In sleep, we dream and heal. When we visit the healing springs, we wish for cleansing and wholeness. Romantic love is another aspect of Water’s joy. When we open our heart with love and trust to another, we join our spirits together and become more than we were before. Held and buoyed up by Water, we navigate life’s path as partners.

The tool of Water is the chalice. We are each searching for our own Holy Grail, the container for that which we are, deep in our subconscious, where our waking consciousness touches our eternal spirit. When we realize that we are part of the great ocean of life, we can craft our own chalice and learn to fill (and refill) our cup. We flow with the sacred Waters of life, returning to rest in Mother Ocean’s loving embrace and dream ourselves into being.

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