Teaching the Elements

Last spring I took the Elements of Magic class from two wonderful Reclaiming teachers who are bringing these teachings to Maine. I’ve been a Pagan for 20 years, and I’ve attended one of Reclaiming’s witch camps (in 2005). The Reclaiming philosophy and approach, founded by Starhawk in San Francisco many years ago and expanded by groups and individuals across the world, speaks to me. Though I’ve worked with the elements quite a bit, I learned some new things in the class, and I was able to offer my perspective to the newer Pagans. But the most important thing the class did for me was to inspire my reconnection with Pagan ritual and magick.

At the end of the class, I offered to be a student teacher if the need arose. These classes are generally taught by two teachers and a student teacher. Once you’ve been a student teacher, you can go on to co-teach the classes. At the time, they thanked me but weren’t in need of help. In the meantime, I’ve signed up to take the second round of Reclaiming courses, the Iron Pentacle, which will be happening this spring. I’m also participating in a more in-depth study of the elements with a group of longtime Pagans over the course of this year.

Last week, one of my teachers called and asked me to student-teach the Elements of Magic class with them starting next month. I’m so excited! When I was speaking with her I could feel my spirit dancing with joy. This work is definitely part of my calling. And it fits with two of my goals for the year, as well.

If you’re in Maine and you’re interested in taking the class, I’ll be posting more details soon. Blessed Be!

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