Starcat’s Favorites: Improvisation

It’s been a busy week once again, but this time filled with a new variety of things. Dryst finished up his soccer season on Wednesday. He’s signed up for winter soccer, but that’s only once a week, which cuts way down on the driving. We’re quite busy with Dark Follies right now; playing gigs, promoting our upcoming show, and lots of rehearsing for it as well. It’s fun!

While much of our music is made up of tunes that we rehearse, there is still a fairly big element of improvisation, especially in our drum pieces. This weekend we played an event where we were doing a lot of improv drumming. I enjoyed it quite a bit. And really, I have quite a bit of creative improvisation in my life in general. Today I ran across this article about how to use the principles of improvisation in creating social change.

Here are some more thought-provoking links I’ve encountered this week.

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Some more encouragement to keep on keepin’ on.

Enjoy your week, and remember to go with the flow!

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