Starcat’s Favorites: That’s More Like It

catgardenspringI’m loving the beautiful month of May. It’s been so nice to be able to be outdoors without freezing! I’ve been biking, walking, and hula-hooping, and also sitting in the sun with my journal. Ooh, maybe it’s time to put up the hammock.

This weekend we’re celebrating a half-century family birthday, I’m facilitating a marriage ceremony for some dear friends, and we’ll be attending the annual Beltane on the Beach gathering. Lots of fun stuff to do! Though I’ve been grateful for the rain we’ve been getting, I hope it holds off a while so our outdoor celebrations will be relatively dry and warm.

Here are some links for you to enjoy this weekend, or whenever you feel the urge:

Doing yoga everyday – or in my case, meditation – can change your life. Looking to add a daily practice or healthy habit yourself? Here are some useful tips.

From one of my favorite websites, Kind Over Matter, what to do when people don’t “get” you. She linked to one of my guest posts, too!

10 ways to stand up for yourself.

Call me a New Age dreamer or sci-fi geek if you want, but this is just so freaking cool! Along these same lines, check out how to reprogram your subconscious mind. A longer article, but well worth the read. Here’s a quote: “while many of these approaches were initially passed off as ‘new age’, science is now revealing rapid, measurable and lasting results.” Yes!!

I like this take on why some of us choose to use the word “witch” despite the negative connotations.

Another worthy gem of truth about being an introvert. I very much resonate with this.

I need a new swimsuit and I am totally getting one of these. Okay, so I guess I am a New Age geek. And I love it.

Live long and prosper!

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