Starcat’s Favorites: Summer Sunshine

At last, it’s here! Glorious summer!

I know, I know, it’s not everyone’s favorite time of year. So many people can’t tolerate the heat. But me? I love it! So, I’m celebrating.

Last weekend I attended my best friend’s daughter’s graduation party, at the beach. It was such fun! It’s so fun to be able to gather together in person once again. I made a silly appetizer (see the photo) – thank you, Pinterest, for the idea. Heh heh.

We also had a fun family cookout for Father’s Day. Last night, I went to a lovely Summer Solstice ritual with my women’s group. Again, so amazing to see everyone in person!

This weekend, there’s a rare occurrence: Quester and BlackLion are both away, so I have a bunch of extra “me time.” While I love their company, I’m excited to do what I want for the whole weekend. I wonder what kind of mischief my mermaid friends and I will get up to…

Here are some fun reads to accompany you on vacation or as you lounge by the water or in a hammock:

Check out my guest post about the arrival of the Summer Solstice, and not missing any of the outdoor fun.

These outlaw nuns are my role models! Busting the patriarchy from the inside out.

Writing collaborations are so inspiring. Check out this interview for more great role models!

I have a ring I’m wearing that I blessed in a talisman workshop, so I was fascinated by this article on wearing rings to boost your manifesting game.

I’m so drawn to pretty things! This woman’s art lights me up (and I’ve met her, too; she’s very cool). She also posted this myth about the Sun Goddess that is super interesting.

I’m laughing out loud at this story. Pick your battles, indeed.

How do you tell why you’re procrastinating? Is it resistance or intuition? My beloved biz coach shares her wisdom.

BlackLion and I have been enjoying doing yoga with Adriene Mishler via YouTube, and honestly, part of the attraction is her dog Benji, who is now a celebrity in his own right.

Never mind the guilt. Life CAN be good.

Wishing you lots of goodness this weekend and beyond!

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