Sisterhood Is Essential

womenfriendsI’ve written here before about friendship, and particularly my friendships with women. At this point in my life, I feel like any old wounds I had in this area have fully healed.

I absolutely adore my circle of women friends.

These past couple of years, I feel like I’ve been able to delve even deeper into sisterhood. Through my business coach, who works with women entrepreneurs who own heart-centered businesses, I’ve become part of a tribe of women who lift one another up. We offer each other unconditional support, encouragement, and laughter.

These sisters are amazing. They really get me and my interests! They understand my struggles and celebrate my triumphs. It’s been amazing to find a new place where I really fit in.

Where I feel like I truly belong, despite – or perhaps because of – my unconventional beliefs and lifestyle. It feels so fantastic!

Last month I was a presenter at a festival called Where Womyn Gather, in Pennsylvania. It was much like a witch camp (yes, that’s really a thing – there’s even one in Maine now), with workshops during the day, shared meals in a dining hall, and big community rituals in the evening. It was amazing!

The gathering is made up entirely of women and girls. It was such a powerful space to be in. Not only is the venue lovely, but just the energy of being in a community of women – about 500 of us, only a couple of whom I’d ever met before – was magickal.

You know that I love men. As lovers, friends, and partners. I’ve probably had more close male friends over the course of my life than I have women friends (up until recently, anyway).

Yet at this point in my life I also seek out women-only spaces on a regular basis. I find it refreshing, nourishing, and enlivening. There’s something about the shared experiences, the empathy, the collaboration, that feeds my soul.

Quester described the wild women beach gathering he attended – we open it to partners and families from time to time – as kind of uninteresting to him. He said, “It’s all blah blah blah, splash splash splash.” (He forgot to mention the gales of cackling laughter).

But for me, talking about our experiences, laughing together over our stories, and splashing around in the sea is powerfully healing. Yes, even though I’m mostly an introvert, I get energized in these sacred women’s circles.

I’m so very thankful for all of my dear sisters: the mentors, my female relatives, close wild women friends, heartfelt entrepreneur acquaintances, longtime friends, brand-new evolving friendships, my awesome biz accountability partner, new connections I made at the gathering, and more. Those I see often, those who I see rarely or who live far away and interact with me online, momentary friendships with women I might not ever see again. The maidens, the mothers, and the crones. All of the sisters.

You are so inspiring. I bless and value your presence in my life. Sisterhood is essential to my well-being. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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