Allowing the Flow of Life

visionboard2018I had a really big year of change in 2017. I know, I know – we all did, really. On global, national, regional, community, and personal levels. It’s been crazy!

Change is the only constant, as the saying goes.

But, seriously. It was intense. I have a friend who is an astrologer, and he predicted it just about perfectly in a reading I had with him last January. (He says 2018 will be smoother sailing for me, and I trust it will be so).

Even though some really heavy stuff happened in my personal life, I feel like I was actually much more joyful this year. I was centered, for the most part, even in times of grief, sorrow, or fear. It’s kind of strange to think about it, actually.

One of our vehicles died completely. We ended up in some serious financial crises. Our elderly dog, Star, passed away in the late summer. Our beloved daughter ElvenTiger moved to Colorado. The pump for our well quit working.

But I am okay. 

Better than okay. I’m thriving!

One of the things that I attribute it to is my philosophy over the past several years of going with the flow. Which, interestingly, coincides with the increase of my passion for all things water.

When I began to think about my Word of the Year for 2018, the word that kept coming up was SURRENDER. It’s part of one of my regular affirmations. But it just didn’t feel quite right as my Word of the Year.

It was a bit too passive. I feel like 2018 is going to be in the flow, yes, but also quite active.

When BlackLion and I were talking about picking words for each month, which is something we do over at Feline Dreamers, one of the ones he said was ALLOW.

That immediately resonated with what I’d been mulling over for 2018. ALLOW feels empowering and active, but also part of going with the flow.

I allow abundance. I allow connection. I allow creativity. I allow wellness. I allow change.

So, that’s my word. I’m also very grateful that my family’s 2017 challenges have helped me (us, really) to upgrade and grow stronger.

Even before 2017 was quite done, our finances improved. My new book midwife business is doing well. We have a brand new well pump. Our temporary “junker” car is working fine, and we’re making plans to get a better vehicle this year.

We have some exciting travel and business plans in the works, including conferences and festivals. If you look at my vision board, you’ll see some of the cool places I hope to go.

Best of all, ElvenTiger is coming home to visit, one week from today!

Tell me what you think!

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