Starcat’s Favorites: Those Dark Nights

Although this winter has been much milder in terms of weather, I feel like I’ve really been in the deep, dark, depths the past couple of months. You know those infamous “dark nights of the soul?” Yeah, those are the ones.

I’ve written about my troubles here already, so I’m not going to go into it too much more, except to say that my family member who was in hospice has made his transition to the non-physical. I’m finally feeling like I have some of my energy back after being so sick, and my Mom seems to be on the mend as well.

In the meantime, prepare for lots of links, since I’ve had plenty of time resting in bed and reading!

As someone who searches for reasons for just about everything, this article helped me make sense of why things were feeling so dark. This was helpful, too, and so poetic…

Gratitude for living a charmed life.

Here’s where I’m hoping to go, with my trusty word of the year, AUTHENTIC, at my side.

You’re more creative than you think, and here’s why.

Feel like you’re chronically busy? Watch out, as it can negatively affect your health.

I’ve been using this technique of “gridding” for a while now. I first learned of it from my friends at the Play Nexus, but I knew it came from Abraham-Hicks. Here’s a good explanation of the emotional grid technique.

These introvert comics are so adorable! I agree with most of them, though I do actually have fun on vacations.

Yet more reasons why unschooling rocks. Also, “if you want your children to bring original ideas into the world, you need to let them pursue their passions, not yours.”

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