Starcat’s Favorites: A Slow Transition

March is here! Which is great, because it’s the month that contains the official start of Spring. And not-so-great, because it’s a month where I tend to struggle along. This particular seasonal transition seems to really leave me feeling “meh.” I’ve started a conversation about the March blues over on Facebook, and I’ll be summarizing and sharing some of the community’s wisdom here on the blog this coming week. Leave a comment if you have experiences or ideas to share!

In the meantime, here are some fun and interesting links to read while you’re curled up in your PJs with a cup of chai, dreaming of warmer weather. Or is that just me?

In the previous edition of Starcat’s Favorites, I posted a link on resilience. I’ve since encountered this article and also these tips on the same topic. Apparently resilience is important to pay attention to just now…maybe to help us get through this last bit of winter?

Perhaps some delicious metaphors and the questions they bring can help, too.

I love this little rant on the folly of righteousness.

As Spring does come along and there are more invitations and fun things going on, it’s good to remember not to do too much.

Are you ready to share your piece of the puzzle? (swear word alert). You might also want to examine your intentions and see how they line up with your daily life.

No matter how much it might feel like it, you’re not doing life wrong. Really.

Teens, and in particular unschooled teens, are such creative, vibrant, and fascinating people. I love this TED Talk where one teen shares her passion and where it’s led her.

Tell me what you think!

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