Starcat’s Favorites: Hints of Spring

We celebrated the Spring Equinox this week, and I’m noticing hints of spring all around. No, in our case, not even the crocuses have been able to poke their first shoots up above the snow. But the sun is getting stronger, the sap is running, and it’s still light out as I write this at 6:30pm. Despite the continued cold temperatures and snowstorms here, I’m hopeful. How’s spring proceeding in your neck of the woods?

Here are some fun links to enjoy over the weekend.

What do a 15-year-old boy and a fourth-dimension alien named Zyx have in common? Find out here.

I made this cranberry cake for a family potluck brunch. I used an orange icing instead of the white chocolate, but otherwise stayed fairly true to the recipe. It was a big hit!

As a HSP (highly sensitive person) myself, I identify with this article. “It’s important to remember that HSPs tend to not like structure, unless it is of their own creation.” Ha ha, yes, so true! This post on the habits of creative people seems to follow naturally after the last one – there is supposedly a link between being sensitive and creative, which makes complete sense from here. As an aside, it’s made my life so much easier to accept my own quirky ways of being, rather than trying to force them into a mainstream model. I’m so thankful for the people writing about this stuff, and for the self-acceptance I’ve found in my 40s. Phew.

This post has some interesting points. I particularly like numbers 13 and 15.

“The return of the Goddess will not feed or satisfy the ego.” Oh, indeed, indeed. And here’s how to have more compassion for others.

There are a lot of articles going around about the dangers of screen time for kids. Let’s not make it the scapegoat for the unfair way we treat children. I like this response.

Happy Spring!

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