Starcat’s Favorites: It’s Official!


Flowers in March? I wish. This was in May…

Well, it’s officially Spring! The vernal equinox was yesterday, so in calendar terms at least, we’re entering the warmer part of the year. I’m so glad! Today, I’m even willing to wait a while for the true blessings of spring to show up: flowers, green grass, baby birds, and walking barefoot. With daytime temperatures still generally hovering in the 30’s where I live, it’s gonna be a while…

Here are some links to keep you amused in the meantime, or to enjoy in the hammock if you live in warmer climes.

Check out NPR’s list of the top 100 sci-fi and fantasy books. I was surprised that I’ve only read 43 of them. How about you? Lots of books to add to the wish list!

A new way to look at money, savings, and expenses. Intriguing.

This is a very helpful post about how to stop food cravings. Kris Carr is amazing. Here’s another one from her, on getting your writing mojo going – even if only in the privacy of your own journal.

Here’s an article about the power of solitude. If you’re already well aware of its blessings, you’ll probably identify with many of the things on this list. I know I did!

This cracked me up. There’s a bit of swearing, but it’s well worth a read, especially if you work for yourself.

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