A Graceful Snow Day

Sure, the weather outside is frightful. But it’s also beautiful. It’s been rather nice having a snow day, with the whole family here at home. Quester has been clearing the snow at our house and next door at Aunt Peg’s, with help from Dryst. I’ve been blessed to stay in and be cozy and warm. The kids went outside, all bundled up, and played like they were ten years younger! (They’re 18 and 16). We did lose our electricity for a couple hours, but it’s back on (at the moment, anyway).

This morning I slept in and hung out with Quester. Then, while he was out clearing snow, I did our taxes, which was a big job that I knew was going to take a few hours. We had some lunch, Then I got inspired by an oracle card in the Barefoot Being Sisterhood, a wonderful online course I’m participating in (more on that in a future post). I finally sat down to do my vision board for 2015! It’s based around my Word of the Year, which is GRACE.

bycandlelightWhile I was still cutting out pictures and words, the electricity went out. So I made my vision board by candlelight! It was so magickal and lovely.

We decided to play a family card game, and pulled out a new game some friends gave us for Winter Solstice. We played it by candlelight, and had lentil soup. Pathfinder Munchkin is a lot of fun! We own the original Munchkin but hadn’t tried this new one. BlackLion won. Just when we were finishing up, the lights came back on.

Now Quester and Dryst are out doing another round of snow removal, BlackLion and I just made some spaghetti sauce for Dryst’s dinner (he doesn’t like soup), and ElvenTiger is waiting for us all to finish up so we can watch the X-Men.

An extra day off is nice once in a while. Life is good, and I’m so grateful!


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