Magick is Afoot!

BlackLion and I hosted a Vision Board PlayShop this week on the Full Moon, via Zoom. Seventeen of us gathered in (virtual) sacred space to craft our visions and intentions for the new year.

It was so powerful doing this in community with these wonderful co-creators and Thriving Artists! What a blessing.

This is my vision board for 2021. I’m absolutely in love with it.

My word for 2020 was SOVEREIGN, and although the year didn’t go as planned, which is true for pretty much everyone, I did really tap into those energies. In some ways, I feel like more of the queen of my own realms than ever before.

In fact, I’m not really done with SOVEREIGN, and plan to bring more of it into my life this coming year. At the same time, I wanted to embrace a new word. So I picked one that feels very complementary: MAGICK.

MAGICK is how I’m approaching my sovereignty. One of the good surprises of 2020 was receiving a membership to the WEALTH Alchemy community. My studies there – it’s like a witchy grad school, totally the best for this Ravenclaw! – are all about bringing the power of magick into everyday life.

So here we go! Magick is afoot, in my own life and in the collective realms. My astrologer friends assure me that this is a time of powerful positive transformation in the cosmos. I’m in!

I’d love to hear about your process and how you’re moving forward into the new year. Comment here or send me a message. Happy New Year!

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