Receiving Success

As I prepare for the beginning of a new calendar year, two words have emerged as themes for me for 2022.

The first one that showed up was SUCCESS.

In many ways, though, I’ve already achieved the success that I’ve been visualizing and working toward over the past several years.

My business, which is my second career and is entwined with my callings, is thriving. My relationships with family, friends, and beloveds feel magickal and blessed. I’ve implemented some new wellness practices that are improving my health (which is pretty good to begin with). My creativity is flourishing. I love my home.

I’m so grateful for all of the blessings in my life, even during a time of collective uncertainty.

The second word that emerged, and the one I’ve chosen as my Word of the Year for 2022, is RECEIVE. It’s time to allow all the success that I’ve been visualizing, planning, and working toward to come flooding in. I have some big ideas and am following my callings to new realms.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but of these two words, RECEIVE is the one that sounds a wee bit challenging or perhaps even scary. It’s a growing edge.

It feels natural to me to give. Receiving is… complicated. There are lots of emotional attachments to deserving, worthiness, fairness, and the like.

So I chose RECEIVE as my companion for the year to come. Gulp. I’m curious to see what this word, this concept, has to teach me.

One of the things I’ve discovered as I considered which word to choose is that receptivity isn’t the same as passivity. I tend to be an active person, wanting to do stuff and create and explore and experience. In order to receive, there needs to be a balance of those active energies with plenty of stillness in which to receive. I’ll meditate on it.

For now, I wanted to share the vision board I made last night, in (virtual) sacred space with some awesome Thriving Artists and co-creators. There were 16 of us at the 2nd annual Vision Board PlayShop that BlackLion and I led.

I had such a fun time making this board. I’m looking forward to seeing how these words and images make themselves known. 

What about you? Have you made a vision board for 2022? What energies, experiences, and blessings are you calling in for the new year?

Tell me what you think!

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