The Tidingdale Literary Collective

Spring has finally fully arrived, here in northern New England. I’m feeling the urge to emerge from hibernation, at last!

That’s still a bit complicated, thanks to the pandemic lingering and so forth, but that’s okay. I’m good with a mindful rollout.

During the late Winter and early Spring, much of my creativity has been channeled into a big, bold, expanded vision.

Introducing…. the Tidingdale Literary Collective (TLC) – a “one-stop shopping” service for thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, healers, and people in the transformational and coaching business who want to write a book with full-on support. Getting their book into the world will help them to spread their message, increase their audience of people to serve, and change the world!

We’ll start with authors at the very beginning stages, like “I have a book idea but don’t know where to go from there.” Or you can come in and pick & choose which services you need, a la carte.

It’s become obvious through publishing my own books and my work with clients that the rigid gatekeeper model of traditional publishing doesn’t serve most of us wild, creative souls.

Self-publishing has become a much more viable option in recent years, yet most writers don’t have the time or inclination to take on all the roles needed to produce a book.

I desire to create a literary collective that provides comprehensive services to independent authors – from coaching and writing retreats to editing and proofreading to cover design to publicity – in a manner that is collaborative and empowering.

The mission is integral to the Collective’s success. It’s still in the works, but definitely dovetails with my own vision, which is a vast network of empowered, creative people who are embracing the rise of the Feminine Divine and the awakening of human consciousness in this new aeon by sharing their deepest wisdom and most inspiring passions. Together we are changing the world by collaboratively building a more conscious society, in all aspects of human life and beyond.

The TLC’s core values will include: diverse, inclusive, social justice oriented, feminist/humanist, and ecologically-minded. It needs to be non-hierarchical and not have rigid gatekeepers – to differentiate it from the traditional publishing model. But at the same time, it will need to have strong leadership and to filter out non-aligned clients.

I don’t want this expanded idea to detract from my core business. My primary role will still be as a writing coach and retreat leader. Rather, the TLC will enhance my work and broaden its impact. There will be project and team managers who help run the day-to-day operations. We’ll probably need a Board of Directors, like a roundtable of wisdom.

This whole vision has been guided by my spiritual calling and my guides, and will continue to be created that way. It’s how I do business.

Of course, the inner wisdom of others will be added to the mix. It’s a Collective, after all.

I’ve been envisioning the TLC Dream Team. My desire is that all TLC staff members need to love what they do and have a magickal mindset. Magick needs to be part of this from the very beginning. This is not a muggle enterprise!

BlackLion and I recently made a cool vision board / mind map (the pics shown in this post are pieces of what is a big posterboard creation), to capture the ideas and various aspects of the business, as they’ve been revealed so far.

The location for the TLC will be pretty much wherever your laptop is, though we will still have oceanside retreats around the globe. Our charitable giving arm will focus on contributing to ocean cleanup, among other worthy causes.

I’ve also been talking to potential collaborators and Dream Team members. I even applied for the opportunity to make a pitch to a magick-friendly angel investor for startup funding! Go big or go home, right? Heh heh.

That’s what I’ve been busily conceiving as the seasons change. Reach out and let me know if this sings to your soul – I’m in the process of talking with potential collaborators!

Tell me what you think!

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