Starcat’s Favorites: Dreaming Big

I’ve been busy dreaming BIG over here. It’s lighting me up in new ways, and I’m harnessing the energies of Spring to support my expansion. I’ve already written about that, though.

Here’s what else I’ve been up to recently.

What I’m reading: Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline. Apparently some people weren’t a fan of this sequel, but I love it! Sovereign Self by Acharya Shunya. I adore this look at the Hindu wisdom tradition so much. It’s very deep and simple all at once. Cosmometry by Marshall Lefferts. It’s a challenging read full of quantum physics, sacred geometry, and music. It feeds my craving for metaphysical philosophy.

What I’m watching: The Crown on Netflix (I’m just starting season 3, so no spoilers, please!). Historical fiction is fascinating. Nadiya Bakes, also on Netflix. I love her sparkling personality and her creativity in the kitchen. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney. I’m a Marvel Universe fan (the shows and movies, not the comic books) and this series is exciting and cinematic.

What I’m listening to: Arlo Parks – she’s amazing! Michael Franti, of course. Radio Paradise, always a household favorite. My own lunar phases playlists on Spotify – making them is a fun hobby that brings me back to my mix tape days.

What I’m creating: Flash fiction for the video game my son-in-law is creating. My book on creativity. A bit of poetry here and there. Yummy dinners. A vision board / mind map for my new big idea. My next virtual retreat – it’s gonna be so juicy and inspiring!

Last but not least, here are some links for you to peruse as you dream your own big dreams.

I’m all for positive thinking, but not the shallow kind. Feeling your feelings is key. So is releasing attachment to your goals.

Supporting yourself deeply – sound like exquisite self-care to me!

Learning to deal with rejection by making it a game. Such a cool idea.

A big YES to this blog post on embracing joy, now.

Have a lovely weekend, my friends!

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