O Beloved Summer!

Hello lovely readers! I hope you’re enjoying the summer thus far. I certainly am. I had the delight of a week-long vacation with Quester, enjoying our favorite Maine places, Ellsworth and Mt. Desert Island. It was a much-needed respite from the busy time that came before it.

babytigersBack in late June, Elven Tiger, BlackLion and I got to visit a wildlife refuge and meet lots of amazing big felines. This included seeing the new tiger triplets being fed! They knead their paws in the air so adorably. They are not with their mother because she was feeling distressed having the papa tiger nearby, and the babies are also soon on their way to another wildlife park. It’s sad that these tigers’ natural environment is diminishing, but hopeful that they are able to have babies and find loving humans to give them a safer place to live. They cats at this wildlife park seemed content and well cared for. We loved connecting with big felines of all types! We’ll have more pictures for you soon on the Feline Dreamers website.

Here are some pictures of my trip up north with Quester earlier this month. I had such a great time! I adore Acadia National Park.





This is the sunset at Quester’s family camp on the ocean, where we stayed.fd140716faesunset3


We did a lot of hiking…fd140716hiking




As well as some swimming and kayaking…fd140716lake


And, of course, I did yoga!



We spent time with family, celebrating Quester’s Mom’s 80th birthday and admiring his sister’s flower gardens.flowers

And hung out with our friends in the area. I finally learned to play cribbage, thanks to Quester and a good friend of ours who is working in the area this summer.


It was the perfect vacation. The weather was great, we had delicious food, listened to good music, and took plenty of time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. BlackLion and the kids did a great job holding the fort back at the homestead.

There have been sorrows mixed in with the joys, such as the loss of Jean, a dear woman from my women’s group, to cancer. Sometimes reminders of how precious this life is can help us to cherish it more, and I’ve found that to be the case. Hiking along a trail in Acadia National Park, I was thinking about both Jean and my sweet friend Jenn who died last year, and how they would most likely want me to be right where I was at that moment, enjoying the view.


Once we got home, ElvenTiger and I had a mom-and-daughter trip to the beach, as well as many jaunts to the pond. We sure do love to swim!



Be sure to take some time for enjoyment this summer, or make everything you do fun. Blessings!

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