Feminine Energies Are Rising

When we were preparing for my women’s group’s Summer Solstice gathering, one of the women mentioned that this is the time of year when feminine, or yin, energies are on the rise. I hadn’t really thought of it that way before. At the Winter Solstice, we always hear how the light is returning, and everyone is really glad for those lengthening days during the heart of winter. Yet at Summer Solstice, we don’t even want to think about the fact that the days already grow shorter, marching steadily toward that darkening time. That one comment, though, shifted my viewpoint on this time of year.

We’re in the heart of summer, really, and the time when the natural world is all in bloom. Fresh vegetables and fruits abound. The Mother is giving us her gifts of abundance and joy.

Yin energies – feminine, passive, hidden and shadowy like a moonlight night – and yang energies – masculine, active, open and bright like the sunny side of a mountain – are complementary forces. We all have them inside of us, as essential parts of our nature. Thinking about the Wheel of the Year in this way can help us be sure we’re honoring each of these forces, merging them together, living as the holistic being that we are.

When the new year began, we were active and excited about our goals for the year. Spring brought with it more activity, as we went out and did what we wanted to do, making things happen in our lives. Now, as we’ve turned the corner past the longest day, it’s time to slow down and contemplate our journey. It’s time for reaping the harvest, for receiving the consequences of the actions we’ve taken.

Summer is often busy, and it can be tempting to just keep going, to fill these long golden days with activity of all kinds. Can you commit to taking breaks where you don’t have to do anything, and can just be with yourself? Taking some time to relax and daydream about the big picture will ultimately help you create the life you wish to lead.

Here are some questions to start with. You’ll come up with your own as you let yourself unwind.

What are your priorities in life? How do your daily actions reflect those priorities? What energies are you currently receiving from the universe? What ideas, concepts, or intuitions are hidden in your psyche? When you are still and quiet, often messages will arise from your inner self, like soft ripples on a still lake. Sit in stillness and see what the yin currents of this season might carry your way.

Tell me what you think!

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