Starcat’s Favorites: Spring Weekends

Hi all! I haven’t done a Starcat’s Favorites post for quite some time, my weekends having been filled up with all sorts of fun events lately. Ah, Spring! It’s great to get out and enjoy the world without freezing my toes off. I’ve also been focused on writing a new e-book, and really enjoying my creative process.

Over the past month or so, I’ve still been reading blogs and articles, especially on subjects I’ve been excited about, so I saved up some links to share with you. Enjoy!

I’ve been working on getting in shape and losing some weight. A few years ago I was at my ideal weight, then I went through some stressful times and turned to comfort foods, and got into some poor eating habits. Here are a couple of articles I’ve found interesting lately:

This one is about sugar addiction, which I completely understand. Since January I’ve been minimizing my sugar consumption so that I only indulge about once a week. It really helps.

I’ve been vegetarian for many years now, and sometimes eat more like a vegan – it varies for me. This article about reliance on processed vegan foods was quite useful. If I do go vegan again, which does seem to work rather well for my body, I’ll be sure to concentrate on whole foods and avoid oils.

As I said, I’ve really been enjoying my writing time. Here are a couple of great posts to help writers…or those who want to write:

I love this list of tips on writing. If you want to write, go for it! Practice is the key.

Every writer eventually runs into writer’s block. Here are some awesome ideas to help get around it.

Another thing I’m passionate about is education, and unschooling in particular. You may even have seem my friends the Martins on Wife Swap. Here are four articles on the (r)evolution of education, as it is unfolding right now:

We can learn a lot from just living in and exploring our amazing world. Technology can support this.

Not only will unschoolers be “prepared for the real world,” they’ll be out there creating it!

Here are some common myths about unschooled kids. In such a diverse community, it’s not really helpful to buy into stereotypes.

Unschoolers rock!

Have a fun weekend, and follow your passions where ever they lead you!


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  1. Hiya, thank you bunches for mentioning my blog re sugar and food awareness. Being sugar-free several decades greatly opened my fey abilities, and my life in general, so it makes me smile hugely to think that your link might help other faerie-touched souls experience the same, if sugar happens to impact them the way it did me. To the good fight! Hugs.

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