Breaking Up With Worry

I’m breaking up with Worry. I used to have a pretty close relationship with Worry. But it never really did anything for me. Worrying didn’t help me solve my problems, reach my goals, or focus on my intentions. It left me in a stressed-out, slightly unsettled state, where I turned to comfort foods a bit too often.  Over the past several months, I’ve decided that I wasn’t getting anything from the relationship, and that Worry had to go.

When worried thoughts pop up these days, I don’t feel attached to them. I mentally say, in a very civilized Captain Picard voice, “acknowledged.” (BlackLion, ElvenTiger and I are watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix, and it has sparked my imagination in numerous ways. But I digress.) I then dismiss Worry politely and go along my way.

What is my way? A spiritual practice of mindfulness and present-moment awareness. A return to my intentions, and to feeling good. A focus on my inner state, and then moving outward from there, taking inspired action to affect my experience. A delight in my creative projects – writing, dancing, drumming, art. As I practice more and more, it’s becoming easier to move through life in this state of being.

It’s been a while now since I initiated the breakup, and I’m feeling much better. But my obvious resolve about it seems to have Worry a bit, well, worried.

This morning began with BlackLion confiding in me about some of his own worries, about an upcoming trip and the expenses associated with it. His concerns centered on how one of our creative ventures is losing money, rather than making it, despite the obvious talents of all the people involved. I listened and held my center. I offered words of advice when he asked: rather than trying to fix an event that’s already in motion, perhaps setting an intention for future engagements would be more helpful. He talked himself out of the worries, and we went on with our morning.

Then Quester called, wanting my input on his changing week. He’s self-employed, and was concerned that some of the materials he needed for today were unavailable, and that one of his clients had written him a check before leaving on a trip – but had forgotten to sign it. Again I listened calmly, and offered some few words of advice. As I held the energy, he quickly came up with a plan to work around the obstacles.

Worry failed to snare me with its sneaky, come-at-me-from-the-outside methods today. And in the process, I was inspired to write this post. In fact, it almost wrote itself in my mind as I took my shower. I’d say that’s Starcat 1, Worry 0.

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