Start Turning Inward

The final Dark Follies show last night went very well, and we ended our run with a group photo session and then going out for a drink together, as a troupe. I’m thankful to be working and playing with such wonderful folks! After that, even though we were having a big snowstorm, we went to the annual Halloween party of some friends. I had a fabulous time! When the electricity went out, the hosts lit candles and we all stayed a while longer before venturing home. The roads were messy, but we just drove slowly and our trusty Subaru got us home safe. Our electricity was down too, but we were headed to bed anyway.

We got up around mid-morning when the lights (and heat) came back on. I took a delicious hot shower, and Quester made us all a big brunch around noontime.

The plan for today was to head to some friends’ place this evening for a beautiful and intense (and I know this because I was in on the planning) Samhain ritual. Mother Nature had different ideas. The ritual was planned for outdoor space, and with six inches of wet mushy snow, plus the re-freezing of everything tonight, it was decided to cancel the event. I think it was a wise choice.

And thus my day has been one of doing some house-tidying, making a big batch of salsa, playing Set and Skip-Bo, and getting some quiet relaxation time. I think after I finish this entry, I’m going to take a nap (or at least lie down and read) while the guys are watching football.

My Freaking Busy month is waning, as is the year. The moon is waxing, and the energy it brings me is the impetus to turn inward once again, to enrich my connection with the heart of things. Over the next three nights, I’ll take time to honor my ancestors, release what I no longer need, and divine my new course, all things we had planned to focus on in our group ritual. We can try again next year to share the Work with others, and in the meantime I’m happy here at home, nestling down into Samhain-tide. Many blessings to you and yours!

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