NaBloPoMo Success!

Huzzah! I did it! Even through a very busy and active month, I posted here every day! It wasn’t really a burden. I had fun. I needed to be very conscious about remembering to post, but perhaps now, 31 days later, it’s become a habit. We’ll see how that goes. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my life and my thoughts.

The NaBloPoMo theme was “between,” and that’s where I am right now. It is Samhain, and thus begins the darkest time of the year. The space between Samhain and Yule is time that I set aside for renewal and a particularly strong focus on my inner life. Over the course of the next couple days I’ll refine what that will look like, this time around. I know I’m going to do my usual sugar fast, starting tomorrow. But there will no doubt be other intentions to focus on during this between time.

For tonight, we’ve figured out our Halloween plan. Dryst is going to the zombie walk and movie viewing with his friends. ElvenTiger is going to become Wednesday Addams once again, and do some trick-or-treating. Then we’ll head over to Mom’s for some soup, treats, and our Monday night viewing of Dancing with the Stars. It’ll be fun and mellow and suits me just fine. Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!

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