Finding Renewal

How do you renew and recharge your personal energy? Each of us does it differently. Think about what activities infuse you with joy and vibrance, or lift you up when you’re feeling depleted. It might be a long conversation with a friend, eating healthy foods, going for a run, playing guitar, or spending time at the ocean. My favorite ways to renew are doing yoga, writing in my journal, and curling up with a good book.

Through talking with friends, I’ve learned that people who tend to be extroverted are renewed by spending time with others. They perform music in a band, play board games with pals, or go out dancing to recharge themselves. Introverts are more likely to want time to themselves to rest and renew. In our culture, many people use television and other media as their down time. But rather than do this as a default, examine how you feel after a couple of hours of TV. Are you truly relaxed and renewed, or have you just put your stresses on hold for a little while?

Over time, the things that renew us change and evolve as we do. One friend, an extrovert who found renewal at lively parties and gatherings, now gets drained at those types of events. He prefers to gather his energies on his own in a hot bath, or by relaxing with one or two close friends.

One thing that most of us need is a good night’s sleep, on a regular basis. Or at least some rest. If you don’t sleep well at night, create a schedule where you can take a nap during the day. When you have insomnia, continue to create a relaxing environment for your body and mind. Instead of fretting over not sleeping, or worrying about your life, light a candle and do some deep breathing. If you’re blessed with the ability to sleep well, be thankful for it. When you wake up, do some stretches or write down your dreams.

No matter how busy our lives are, in order to sustain our energies we need to renew them. Discover the ways that work for you, and then follow through by doing those things often. You’ll find you’ll have the energy to do more in your daily life, and you’ll enjoy it more, too.

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