Goals for 2011

I’ve been musing on my goals for 2011, and a few weeks ago I came up with my Word of the Year, which is CREATE. This word will be my touchstone for the year – all of my other goals are steeped in it. Today I sat down with my notes for various things I want to create, but I wasn’t sure how to put it all together. Based on BlackLion’s creative suggestion, I’m going to organize them into categories based on the five elements, which I find very appropriate given the focus I had in 2010. I’ve been doing a lot of in-depth study of the elements and the points of the pentacle, and this way of grouping my goals feels right. Some of them could probably fit in more than one element, but these are the associations that worked best given my intentions. So, here they are:

Air: I write and publish books and articles. I explore paper arts and crafts, such as collage, origami, and scrapbooking. My Cake of the Month project involves creating or finding a recipe, baking and decorating a fancy cake, and posting the results on my blog (with pictures) each month.

Fire: I am increasing my self-confidence and power-from-within, thus creating myself anew. I agree to participate in events and projects only if they feel like a passionate “yes!” to me. I discover and take the next steps of self-exploration and activism based on my work with the Iron Pentacle.

Water: I cultivate positive relationships with my favorite people and make new friends who I enjoy spending time with. I remember and record my dreams and use the imagery for my creative and spiritual projects. I use the Voyager Tarot to deepen my intuition.

Earth: I make a living by sharing my creativity with the world. I drum in sacred space and see where it takes me. I take regular walks and hikes, exploring the world around me as the seasons change. I help create a vibrant vegetable garden and share the harvest with my family and friends.

Spirit: I gather with others in circle to explore spirituality in community. I attune my body, mind, and spirit through the regular practice of yoga. I explore the non-physical planes through out-of-body travel and I have full recall of my adventures. I bring back wisdom to help me on my spiritual path.

Tell me what you think!

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