It’s Change-Making Time

swtu17Many of us are still processing the U.S. election results and what they mean. It seems unthinkable to me that we’d regress, as a society, just when we’re finally beginning to understand that all beings have innate worth. Open bigotry and misogyny in the 21st century? Really?!

Still, perhaps it’s better out in the open. At least we’ll know who the racist, sexist, homophobic jerks are, so we can avoid them and boycott their businesses. Right?

It seems to me that, in the big picture, this is a temporary regression. It’s based in fear of the unknown.

For those of us who value compassion, diversity, and connection, it’s an opportunity to devote ourselves even more fully to creating positive change. You would think at this point that I’m going to advocate volunteering, protesting, and creating new alliances, and those things are all excellent courses of action.

However, I believe that the most lasting change begins within. When we can reprogram ourselves to be kind and compassionate to ourselves, within the privacy of our own minds, that’s when real progress will be seen. Growing up in the patriarchy, in a society that is fearful of difference, isn’t easy – especially for those of us unable or unwilling to conform. We often come out wounded, timid, and unsure of our self-worth. Yet we are the creative, spiritual beings that our society desperately needs.

Over the past several years, I’ve taken my own journey to reclaim my sense of self-love and worthiness. I’ve shared stories of it here on the blog. Now I want to share with you some of the most effective tools and techniques I’ve discovered along the way.

BlackLion and I are offering a free online workshop, A Self-Worth Tune-Up: Gear Up for an Epic 2017!, in order to help you dig up and transform old beliefs about your own innate worth. This is the perfect time of year to dive into the inner work that will help support you as  you create powerful change in 2017. Join us (and a tribe of like-minded seekers) on Wednesday, January 4th, at 7pm EST. Click here to sign up.

The world needs you to be strong, awakened, and living your soul’s purpose. Support yourself in your sacred work by tapping into your self-worth. Happy New Year!

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