Tarot Tracking 2010

“Life is easy to chronicle, but bewildering to practice.” – E. M. Forster

I’m definitely a chronicler of life, as posts like this one prove, but I’ve also delved into practice. In this case, a daily spiritual practice which includes a three-card daily Tarot reading. I note the day’s cards and events, keeping track of how many of each card I draw over time. At the end of the calendar year, I like to return to the cards I drew most often to evaluate what they meant for me that year.

Here are my most significant cards for 2010:

1. The Hermit: solitude, inner exploration, shining my light in the darkness, introspection, seeking, a time to observe but keep silent, spiritual advancement

2. Knave of wands: (knaves are catalysts, taking risks, the need for study) adventurous, seeking new directions for self-growth, uninhibited

3. 10 of cups: (tens relate to completion, satisfaction, and responsibility) the blessings of family and community, joy, optimism, thankfulness

4. 5 of swords: (fives are about struggle, confusion, and change) being challenged, seeking answers to questions, mental angst

5. 4 of pentacles: (fours describe stability, order, a desire for security, and inward focus) establishing order, material concerns, home and hearth

6. 6 of pentacles: (sixes are about sharing, generosity, and expression) exchange of energy, giving and receiving, sharing resources

7. King of pentacles:(kings are concerned with mastery, authority, power, and being limited by one’s own rules) established roles, being practical, concern with security and quality, being slow to change, material well-being

Compared with last year’s cards, there is still quite a strong earth influence here, but there are also changes and new self-understanding. Money issues were still a big focus this year, yet the ways I’ve dealt with the stresses surrounding them have been evolving. I’m thankful for all the help I’ve received. I feel like 2010 was spent establishing the foundation for success in that arena.

Self-exploration and contemplation were a huge part this cycle. After a major conflict with a friend during the first part of the year, I began questioning who I am and how I relate to others and the world in general. The loss of the friendship sparked a lot of mental angst, but the questions raised were of great value. I took time to delve into these questions in a positive and thorough way, observing and learning more about myself. I was also able to turn that light back out, sharing some of my findings through writing and teaching.

I continue to be blessed with amazing family, friends, and community. My gratitude for these blessings overflows. My natural optimism is buoyed by my loved ones and their support and love. My home is my sanctuary, and being able to share it with my favorite people has been a joy this year. In these ways, I am wealthy beyond measure.

This year has found me ready and willing to take on the adventure of being more fully myself. I’ve discovered that there are those who love me unconditionally, just as I am. And I’ve also found that trying to please those who don’t is a worthless pursuit. I’ve always been introspective, yet the second part of being The Hermit is key – to share my discoveries, to turn the light outward and shine it freely. No, not everyone will be interested, but there will be those who are, and I can help uplift them. As we share our wisdom with each other, we all benefit.

In 2011, I’m ready to create an even more exciting and powerful life. As I follow my callings, walk the path of the spirit, and honor my creativity, I can’t help but succeed!


Tarot Tracking 2010 — 2 Comments

  1. There definately ARE people (like ME!) who love you unconditionally! I love the idea of doing a daily tarot pull. I got a new deck from the hubby for the holidays, and I plan to put it to good use as soon as I bless it :)

    p.s. I will also hold the intention with you that ‘All is provided for. Our needs are being met. We welcome abundance. We are being blessed in every way. Helpful people are coming into our lives. We are getting exactly what we need, when we need it.’

    ~ Val

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