Starcat’s Favorites: Digging In

Well, hello there! I guess I haven’t written anything here since last week’s favorites. I’ve been digging in deep this week, working on a few projects that kept me busy. This Wednesday was the kids’ end-of-year portfolio review, so I got to look over all the things they did this past year, and see how things are going on our unschooling journey. The short answer is, very well indeed! In the process of creating portfolios, talking with the kids, and meeting with our certified teacher, I also got lots of ideas for things they’d each like to pursue beginning this fall. Which brings more work to do, but it’s fun putting together resources and ideas.

Also, BlackLion and I were immersed in our first week of the twelve-week course The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I’m loving it! I did even more journal-writing than usual, and I plan to share some of it here on the blog. And of course, I’ve been working on my book, Starcat’s Corner: Essays on Pagan Living. I received the copy edited manuscript and have been reviewing it and answering some of the publisher’s questions. All of that, plus lots of swimming during the heat spell we’ve been having. Fun!

I did have time to find some lovely tidbits to share with you this weekend, though. Happy clicking!

Found this great new blog to check out – and I love her post on imaginal cells and surrender. Mmmm…..

There are benefits to being shy. Who knew? Well, I guess I did, but not back when I was younger and at the peak of my shyness and anxiety.

Three little words that will uplift your spirits…they might not be the ones you’re thinking of, either.

I love this yummy post about making your life into an abundant garden. Tasty and nutritious!

Here’s a rather intense, but excellent, article about the deep need for poets, dreamers, artists, and thinkers. We truly need the power of the imagination.

And in case you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed this month, check out this energy report for July. Big doings!

Have a relaxing weekend…

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