Crunch Time

Up until now I’ve been filled with joy about the holiday season. Truly. And yes, I’m one of those Virgos Who Do Too Much. I come by it honestly – my Mom’s a Virgo too, and has always done a huge amount of holiday preparations, from decorating to crafts to cooking to gifts to…lots of wonderful things. Yet it can get out of balance sometimes.

Today I reached the point that seems to inevitably happen somewhere along the journey toward Yule and Christmas. I stressed out. What triggered it this time? Having the car break down while we were out shopping and needing to get it towed by AAA. Not knowing how we’ll pay to have it fixed, not to mention transport ourselves around until it’s healed. That led to thoughts of how much I have to do, wondering if I have enough money for the remaining gifts and foods to purchase, feeling stupid for taking on so many projects to begin with, and generally feeling sorry for myself. Ick.

OK, enough complaining. On to the solutions part. What did I do to feel better? Shed a few tears. Read articles in Yoga Journal in the backseat of the big tow truck on the way to the garage. Listened to BlackLion chat with the AAA driver, who was actually quite an interesting young guy. Confession: ate three delicious cookies that my Aunt sent over. Talked to Mom, who was full of generous offers of taking me shopping tomorrow so I can pick up the last few things I need before the Yule gathering. And after getting dinner in the oven (a veggie pot pie) I went and rested for a few minutes in my room (my sanctuary) and worked on some cutout cards (art therapy).

I guess I’m feeling better now. When ElvenTiger gets back from her evening soccer game, we’ll get to work on a craft project that is about halfway done. The rest will take care of itself.

Hey, what am I doing writing on my blog, anyway?! I’ve got SO much to do! :)


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  1. I can identify with your feelings. I can be doing well, then something goes awry and I’m stressed.

    I too find that there’s usually a solution to getting my thoughts in tact. I find the way I think about the situation dictates how I feel about. So I work on changing my thinking which eventually brings me peace.

    I like and need to be in balance with my surroundings. I’m okay with that fact today and strive for it regularly.

    I enjoy your insight’s.

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