What We’ve Been Up To

It’s been a busy and fun April so far! Here’s an update.

On the last day of March, our homeschool group had its annual Midyear Review, which is comprised of presentations by the kids on something they’ve been working on this school year. Each kid chooses a topic or skill that they’re excited about and shares it with the group. This year we had 14 kids presenting! It was a fun evening.

Dryst introduced the group to his new blog, Gameophyle. Check it out!

ElvenTiger performed a song she’d written, with the Feline Drummers as backup percussion.

She also wrapped up her basketball season. Her team went undefeated. Here are the first-place champions! Yay! (ElvenTiger is on the far right of the front row).

After the game, she celebrated with friends. One of her sweet best friends bought her a cake and decorated it!

Next for ElvenTiger will be travel soccer, starting this summer. She’s already signed up.

Dryst has started lacrosse season, and he has a scrimmage tomorrow. He’s still finishing up the indoor soccer season, too.

Math, art, and English classes are going well, as is our new 4-H club. Dryst was elected Vice President of our 4-H group. We’ve started watching another season of Dancing With the Stars with my Mom. We took a field trip to USM’s Knap-In, put on by the anthropology students. Dryst made a flint arrow and learned to start a fire without matches.

Last week my brother gave us tickets to the “Stars on Ice” show, so we got to see Olympic figure skaters doing their routines. We went with some friends and had a wonderful time.

I’ve been doing a lot of yoga, writing, bike riding, contemplation, and reading. BlackLion and I are studying personal finances and investing. We’re about to take a seminar called “Learn to Be Rich,” presented by Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Academy. And I’ve been jogging – yes, jogging. Dryst and I have started running together. I went to a lovely spring mini-retreat yesterday at Sun Salutations Yoga and Wellness. And I’ve set up my Air altar:

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