Thinking About Food Again

I guess I write a lot about food in this blog (side note: I should figure out how to put my posts into categories like some bloggers do, so I can see exactly how much I focus on particular topics). This year in particular, my coven is exploring food and spirituality. One of the e-mail lists I belong to was recently having a very thought-provoking discussion about this, too.

Basically, the idea that I identify with the most is that *what we believe* about the foods we eat is as important as the food itself. Since everything is made up of energy, one of my questions as I explore being vegan, and the concept of eating raw foods, is why it matters what I eat. If everything is ultimately made of energy, so what if I’m vegan or my friend is a raw foodist or my parents eat a standard American diet? Well, it all comes down to the beliefs we each have about what we consume.

Last week, I went 10 days without eating refined sugars. My belief has been that my body feels better when I avoid sugar or moderate my intake. I felt great. I started thinking about some of the posts on the e-mail list, where people were saying that they mostly ate what is normally considered healthy food, but that they were going to indulge their occasional craving for candy or potato chips with as much joy as they did when they ate a big salad. So this week, I basically ate whatever I felt like.

I still feel great. I enjoy the freedom to enjoy sugars without guilt. I do have some issues around food still, which relate to the beliefs I have, and how my body currently resonates with various types of foods. And I admit that overall, I’m still eating what most people would consider a healthy and nutritional diet.

I guess what I’m finding is that I really resist when someone tells me that I “must” do something, or that the “objective truth” is such-and-such. I hear that a lot from raw food enthusiasts. I like to make my own decisions, and I want others to make their own decisions, too. What is right for me will look different from what is right for you. So that’s what I’m doing, continuing to mindfully explore what food and spirituality mean to me as an individual. All is well.


Thinking About Food Again — 2 Comments

  1. I can totally relate to this blog Nik, since i was diagnosed I’ve heard from so many people on what i “should” eat and “should” avoid. It gets overwhelming and stressful, and thats what I don’t need in my life right now. I feel like i have to do what feels right to me right now and if that doesnt coincide to other peoples beliefs then thats too bad. I’m constantly changing my diet and then of course i fall off the healthy wagon but i’m enjoying the ride at the same time. Food is such a huge huge issue with everyone I know. my mom is obsessed with gluten free right now, last month it was something else. I support her in all she decides to do but sometimes when she pushes me to do it too, thats when it gets to me. we all have our paths to travel.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Here I am, as promised.

    I agree wholeheartedly that how you think and feel about your choice of food is so important, sometimes more so than the nutritional content of the food. I try very hard to make all the food I eat delicious and to eat it with joy. Life is too short to worry about how “good” it is for you. I say it is good for the soul if you enjoy it, no matter what it is. Of course, I do eat mostly organic/local whole food prepared at home. But for me that is what tastes best!

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