Spring Inspirations

I’m glad and relieved about the coming of the spring and the month of April. It was a long, hard winter for me. Yes, the weather was relatively mild up here in Maine, but in my own personal weather system it was often quite stormy. The blue skies and fresh air are quite refreshing.

In my Elements Study Group, we’re making the transition from exploring Earth to experiencing Air. Dryst said he thinks that spring should focus on water instead, since there’s so much of it, but to me, the fresh spring breezes help bring in the new energies of this fertile season. This week I’ve experienced some of the shadow side of Air, in the form of miscommunication and misunderstanding, but I’ve also focused on breathing, and doing some writing. I woke up this morning with a fragment of a poem, and will see if the rest of it wants to come up for Air, too.

Here’s a Christine Kane article I find inspiring and wanted to share with you. Despite the title, I think it would be useful to men as well as women. I particularly love her statement that “I’m convinced that all suffering comes from judgment.” Check it out: “The Nine Skills Every Woman Should Master.” Enjoy!

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