Magickal Activism

Lots of magickal activism is happening now, on all levels.

In myself, my renewed yoga practice is supporting me in cultivating health, harmony and centeredness, even when I’m outwardly busily swirling through life’s daily activities. Even on days when I feel tired, or lazy, or a just little “off,” I’m most often making my way to the yoga mat anyway. And it always feels great. In a couple more weeks, I’m starting a new session of yoga at my old studio, with a respected teacher. I haven’t been there for a couple of years, and I’m really excited about it! Also, I’m going to be attending a 5 day yoga retreat in October.

In my community, I was honored to be one of 13 priestesses participating in an amazing, intense, powerful healing ritual for a woman who has been struggling with dis-ease in her body for quite some time. This ritual was the culmination of a lot of intense personal and coven work she’s been doing. It was especially cool being in the ritual with a dear friend as my priestess-partner, and also with my young daughter, ElvenTiger. I was so proud of her! She, with some help from the family, composed a lovely multi-layered chant that was used in the ritual.

In the nation, I’ve been reading Starhawk’s missives from the protests at the Republican National Convention, and sending energy to support her and her group. Check it out at: I’m impressed with her non-violent magickal actions. I feel echoes of the energies I experienced at Vermont Witch Camp.

On all levels, postive change is constantly being created, and that’s what I choose to focus on and encourage. So mote it be!

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