Navigating the Galactic Barrier

BlackLion and I have been watching the Star Trek: Discovery series, and loving it.

A recent episode had the crew of Discovery trying to find a way to travel through the galactic barrier and into another galaxy for an important First Contact mission.

It’s not as simple as just flying through. There’s a lot of “negative energy” and harsh conditions that could destroy the ship.

During the episode, I paused to ask BlackLion if this “galactic barrier” is all sci-fi, or if it’s really a thing. His answer was that we don’t know, because we (or our science probes) have never been out that far. I did a little research after that, and learned that scientists don’t think there is such a barrier, but again, they can’t know for sure just yet.

Anyway, in the show the crew finds a way through the barrier by flying the ship into these protective bubbles, which they call “space cells,” and riding them through the dangerous area. Then they emerge onto the other side, in a brand new galaxy.

My mind kept coming back to the imagery and feelings of traveling through the galactic barrier. I even watched the episode again, which is something I rarely do (there are so many new shows to see and books to read that I don’t often return to ones I’ve already ingested).

At first I wasn’t sure why my imagination was so enraptured by this imagery. I kept returning to the tense moments when the ship is in danger and the crew is frantically trying to find solutions. This was contrasted with the expansive, exultant feeling of when they’ve broken through to the new galaxy and are admiring the quiet and openness of that new place, at the edge of a vast unexplored area.

Then I realized that this is a perfect metaphor for where I am in my life and my process of spiritual growth. I feel like I’m just on the verge of bursting through my own galactic barrier.

I’m no longer in the same old galaxy, where I was an active parent, a public radio professional, then a seeker trying to find my authentic creative expression. I’m not yet fully in the new galaxy of embodying the powerful leader I know I’m becoming.

My spacecraft is right there, surfing through these bubbles of protection, dodging the dangerous currents of my old stories, fears, and patterns. 

I love that the description of that area was one of “negative energies.” That’s not to say that the new galaxy won’t have its challenges. The Discovery and her crew are going to meet a powerful and potentially lethal new species of beings. I know that stepping onto this larger stage of leadership won’t always be easy. Yet it feels exciting, expansive, and thrilling.

I’m near that edge of success where I can see a bit of what the new galaxy will be like. I’m being buffeted by the storms, but I’m holding true in my bubble of wisdom, power, and support.

Some days it feels scary and impossible. At other times, such as now, writing about this, or when I find (or create) these myths and metaphors that help me to sustain my vision, it feels delightful. Alive. Like it’s my destiny.

Does this resonate with you? Where are you on your space travel journey? As Captain Michael Burham says, “Let’s fly!”

Tell me what you think!

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