Starcat’s Favorites: Stickers!

Did you ever notice that there are certain things in your life that you’re extremely good at manifesting?

Mine has been books (go figure). I haven’t belonged to a library for many years because, even when I couldn’t afford to buy them at full price, books just showed up. People gave them to me, I got a bag of them for $5 at a library sale, others loaned me the latest best sellers, I won them in contests, and on it went. Now I can buy, them, too, which is slightly dangerous.

Lately it’s stickers. I like putting stickers on my notebooks. I go through about two full-sized Moleskine lined notebooks each year. I get the plain black ones so I can plaster them with stickers.

Now that the Universe has discovered that I enjoy stickers, they’re showing up everywhere! Not just the ones handed out as advertisements, either. I get stickers in the mail, I tried to buy some in my friend’s shop and he gave them to me, one of my besties handed me two cool stickers last time I saw her, and more.

Abraham-Hicks says that if you’re focused, it’s as easy to manifest a castle as a button. I’ve got the books and stickers nailed. Now to go for for a Subaru…

Here are some links to peruse as you enjoy your weekend

One of my favorite Law of Attraction coaches is Jeannette Maw. I love these posts on the manifesting echo and how not to micro-manage your co-creation process.

My biz coach shared this article on how to create sigils. I’ve been creating them for a while now and find it’s a good tool for my witchy toolbox. Please note, there are some typos in the article itself, but the information is solid.

The BBC talks about the cultural value of a particular Star Trek episode – cool!

Here’s a useful blog post about guest blogging and how it can help you to build an author platform while you’re writing your book.


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