Why Is Rest So Difficult?

I’ve been having conversations with some friends and biz sisters lately about rest – and in a bigger sense, receiving. Why is it so challenging, sometimes?

An obvious factor is mainstream culture’s focus on hustle. Here in the United States, particularly, we’re continually encouraged to DO more. What about some time to just BE?

Nope. That makes you lazy or unproductive. The horror! Also, you might miss something if you stopped to rest and turned off your devices. That FOMO (fear of missing out) has become a big deal.

So, why women in particular? Like it or not, women are the ones who keep most households running. We keep track of the doctor and dentist appointments, notice what grocery staples need replacing in our pantries, and are involved in planning family gatherings of various sorts. The (unpaid) work literally never stops.

Sometimes, especially when you’re actively parenting, planning and implementing a family vacation can in and of itself feel exhausting! We used to say that vacations with kids can be fun, but certainly aren’t restful. True story.

Yet when you think about taking time off just for yourself, perhaps even by yourself, well, there’s a bit of guilt, isn’t there? You wonder if you deserve it, if you can afford it (in time as well as money), and what on earth they’ll do without you.

Spoiler alert: they’ll manage.

It’s essential to take time off to rest and recharge. If you never do, it will catch up to you. Your body will force you, perhaps through accident or illness, to take a rest. This is true for everyone, but perhaps even more so for those who are actively practicing our creativity and spirituality.

You can’t receive wisdom from your deep inner wellspring if you never slow down enough to listen to it.

I’m learning this lesson in a deeper way this summer. I’ve been divided between wanting to continue to grow and expand my coaching business, and needing some extra down time to integrate all the things I’ve been learning.

It’s almost comical at this point – every oracle or Tarot card I draw, whether in general or with a specific question, says to “rest and receive.”

The way we approach taking time off often mirrors how we are with receiving. Again with the cultural programming: “It’s better to give than receive,” and all that. But there’s no giving without receiving.

Do I really need to keep my focus on building my business, day in and day out? Or is it better to take some time to allow the work I’ve already done to come to fruition?

I bet you can guess what the oracle says!

Messages received. I’m taking a road trip with BlackLion next week, a long weekend with my best friends for my birthday in mid-September, and a long-awaited vacation in October. I’ll also sprinkle in some artist dates, which I’d gotten away from recently.

All without guilt.

What about you? Are you taking regular time off just for you? Are you adept at receiving, or is it a challenge?

Tell me what you think!

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