What’s Your Big Vision?

I talk a lot on this blog, over time, about vision boards. That’s because I love making them and find them a useful reminder of my aims.

But let’s step back just a moment. In order to use a vision board, you kind of need to have… a vision.

What is it that you want to bring into being?

I’ve been working on refining my vision for my business over the past several months. I’ve put a lot of thought into my Deep Why, my vision, and my mission for my work as a book midwife. This is something you can do for any key area of your life, or as a holistic vision that encompasses your entire being.

Making a written version of your vision for the world and your contributions helps you to focus on what you truly want. 

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. I want to share it with you because it’s something I’m super inspired by and passionate about – but also so you can get a sense of how you might craft your own vision & mission statements.


Excavating my inner creativity and fulfilling my dream of being a published author and entrepreneur has transformed my life. I want to give that gift to others who are called to write. I wish to encourage them to spread their wisdom far and wide, uplifting readers who are ready to hear it. I want these gifts of creativity to help create a more conscious society.


My vision is a vast network of empowered, creative people who are embracing the rise of the Feminine Divine and the awakening of human consciousness by sharing their deepest wisdom and most inspiring passions. Together we are changing the world by collaboratively building a more conscious society, in all aspects of human life and beyond.


In order to get this empowering wisdom into the world, I help people give birth to their heart-centered books. I assist them in finding the topics that sing from their soul and putting their wisdom into writing that will reach seekers who are ready to learn. I encourage them as they become Thriving Artists. I provide the sacred container of transformational retreats by the sea in which to dive deep into writing and other forms of creativity. Together we do this holy work, soulfully and in ways that are fun, productive, and deeply satisfying.

It’s your turn. What is the Deep Why that helps keep you motivated and inspired? What is your vision of the future? How will you use your gifts & skills to contribute? How would you like to live? Who will collaborate with you?

Take some time to contemplate and perhaps journal about your answers. Come up with more questions. Brainstorm in whatever way feels most fun.

My own next step is to encompass other parts of my life, like my home & family and my own written works, in my vision and mission.

Then, of course, I’ll probably want to make another vision board or two…  

Please post your thoughts below. I’d love to hold space for your exciting visions for your life and your communities!

Tell me what you think!

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