Why You Should Make a Vision Board

I love to make vision boards. I’m not sure when I first encountered the concept, but it was in connection with manifesting the things that you wish to bring into your life. The idea is that collecting relevant images and words in one place helps your conscious and subconscious mind focus more clearly on your goals and desires. This will aid you in bringing those things into your experience.

Me with my latest vision board, created in a workshop at Life Rocks in June.

My latest vision board, created in a workshop at Life Rocks in June.

Rather than see them as mere shopping lists of the things I want, though, I’ve evolved into using vision boards as a space to play with designing how I want my life to look, feel, and become.

Want to have some fun and get in deeper touch with yourself? Try making one! All you need is paper, scissors, glue, and old magazines. If you don’t have old magazines to use, ask a friend for theirs, or print pictures that you find online.

The best part of making vision boards, for me, is the actual process of sitting down and paging through the magazines, finding images and quotes that appeal to me, and then creating a layout of words and pictures. I very quickly fall into a meditative state. It’s like supercharged daydreaming. Creating a vision board can help you get in touch with a deep part of your inner self, and as you craft your board, you are also putting your intentions forth into the universe.

I’ve made so many vision boards over the past few years that I’ve compiled them into a book. It’s so much fun to page through it, and it has become a chronicle of my spiritual journey. Mine is a scrapbook that I purchased from a craft supply store, one of those where you can insert your pages into clear plastic holders. You could also use any kind of notebook or binder, or glue your cutouts directly onto the pages of a sketch book.

Just as the things you desire will change over time, so will your vision boards. This is fine. In my view, the purpose of vision boards isn’t just to manifest your dreams. It’s also to discover more about yourself and your place in the world. Vision boards allow you to set aside the rational, doubting side of your mind and access your creative dreamer.

The images you choose don’t have to be realistic. You might not have the money for that pilgrimage to Tibet right now, but so what? If you’re longing to visit there someday, add the images you find to your vision board. Who knows what might result? Being open to your dreams is one of the keys to manifesting them, or perhaps something even better. At the very least, you’ll discover new things about yourself and your deepest desires. Try it!


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  1. I love this idea! I made my first ever vision board at the beginning of this year and have it out where I can see it every day. I chose different areas I wanted to focus on in my life and a scattering of ‘wishes’ too! I was looking at it this weekend and marvelling at how many of my ideas are coming to life. Powerful stuff indeed :)

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