Do As You Like

Have you ever considered only doing what you like?

Aww, come on, Starcat, you might be thinking, that’s just a pipedream. Have you seen my to-do list?

Bear with me, dear busy reader. Let me tell you why this is not only possible, but will help you live a happier life!

I learned about this technique from a few different Law of Attraction teachers – Jeannette Maw and Mike Dooley among them. I’ve been practicing it for a while, and I’m going to put it into my own words to share with you.

Only doing what you like requires a creative, strategic approach. I’ve noticed three main categories of things that we do in our lives.

In the first category, you’ll have those things that you genuinely love to do. For me, the list includes things like sleeping, reading, daily spiritual practice, journaling, cuddling cats, and spending time with my loved ones. These things are no-brainers.

The second category includes things you sometimes love, sometimes like, and sometimes don’t feel like doing. My list includes cooking, yoga, showering, and doing marketing for my business. You can use mindful time management for these items. In other words, doing them when you DO feel like it!

For example, I don’t like showering first thing when I get up, especially in the winter. I just got out of bed, and I’m freaking cold. The solution is easy – shower later in the day, once the house has warmed up. Solved.

The third category involves things you actively don’t like, or perhaps even detest. For me, this includes things like housecleaning, budgeting, paying bills, doing my taxes, and socializing at events that are all about surface-y small talk.

Category three requires getting creative. Here are three ways you can handle these items.

  1. Delegate. I have the option to hire someone else to do my taxes, or to ask one of my housemates to do the parts of cleaning the house that are my least favorite.
  2. Release. Just don’t do the thing. There are very few muggle social occasions that I’ll say yes to, these days. My time is valuable, and I don’t want to waste it on small talk.
  3. Transform. This involves changing your attitude. Doing the dishes used to be on my most-hated-chores list. I’ve entirely transformed my view of it. Now I make doing dishes a regular part of my day. It provides a movement break from sitting at the computer, I can daydream about book ideas while I’m washing, and I love the look of the cleared-off counters and empty sinks.

You can also use these three techniques on some of your items in the second category. If I really don’t feel like doing yoga on a particular day, I can skip a day (release) or I can remind myself how good I’ll feel afterwards and decide to just do it (transform).

It’s important not to muscle through and do something you can’t stand – at least, not too often. Once in a while you just have to take out a smelly bag of trash. But in general, be sure you’re using these techniques to help you focus on doing things you actually enjoy, or learning to enjoy the things you’re doing.

Also, if you delegate or release something, let it go. Fully. Don’t feel guilty about ditching it. Don’t try to micro-manage the person you asked to do the thing. Let. It. Go. Now go use that time to do something you actually want to be doing.

I realize that for some readers, those who are doing work they can’t stand or living in a situation that’s less than pleasant, embarking on this method could lead to the need to make big life changes. If that’s you, know that you’re worth it. You deserve to enjoy your life. Period.

Get some support, because transforming your life in a big way is challenging. But don’t avoid necessary changes. This is your life. You are worthy of living a life full of fun and pleasure. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Tell me what you think!

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