Starcat’s Favorites: Home Base

Home base? No, it’s not a baseball metaphor. I am feeling blessed, at this time when we’re all being advised to stay home except for essential supply runs, to absolutely LOVE where I live and the people I live with.

The exciting news here is that my daughter ElvenTiger and her new husband are staying! They came home to get married, planning to go back to Denver for a few months and then move home for good. Because of the pandemic, it’s safer for them to just stay put, here with us. Yay!

We’re all healthy and safe, and I hope you and yours are, too. We’ve been cooking together, playing games (I even tried a video game! It’s called TemTem), and tromping around in the back woods. I already mostly worked from home, so I’m still doing the work I love. I’m keeping in touch with friends and family through phone and Zoom.

I’ve been holding space for those who are ill and suffering, and for those who are okay but are overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. Personally, I’m mostly centered, and thankful for my longtime meditation & spiritual practice for that. I’m sending out lots of prayers, love, and compassion. I’m thankful for those who are out there keeping things running.

Over the years I’ve become an optimist, something I’ve cultivated purposefully. So I’m seeing the silver linings and opportunities in this crisis. I love this quote:

“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

We’re digging up our jewels right now, dear ones. I hope you adore your home base as much as I do mine.

Here are some resources from around the web that I’ve enjoyed. I hope they help you.

Jeannette Maw has certainly created some gems for us. Here are two of her blogs, on feeling your feelings and navigating this time as a conscious co-creator.

Kripalu is another source of good stuff. Here are their posts on reducing stress and transforming fear through meditation.

This past week was the official start of Spring! Here’s a lovely article on Spring Equinox 2020. It has SO many good ideas for celebrating the new season, even while staying home.

This is a re-posted article on “how to keep working on your business while it feels like the world is on fire.”

Working with your inner child might sound sort of cliche or hokey, but it’s a powerful practice. I like Danielle LaPorte’s take on this.

“All living beings are worthy of respect.” I love these principles of unity from the Reclaiming tradition.

You might recall my recent post that emerged from a women’s gathering about Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party art installation. Check out this article and especially this video about a recent tribute to this amazing work. Wow!

Stay safe and be well.

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