Manifesto for Daily Being

notebooks2016This month I’ve been doing the Infinite Possibilities 30-Day Project from Mike Dooley, which has been fun and awesome. As I wrapped up the final session today, I was looking back through the notebook I’ve been using for it, which is also my “Starcat’s Book of Positive Aspects and Processes.” While I was reading what I’ve written, drawn, and doodled in my notebook, I re-discovered a Manifesto for Daily BEing that I wrote last summer during the Yescapades retreat with my Play Nexus friends.

Re-reading the manifesto was inspiring, especially when I paused to realize how much of it I’ve already incorporated into my daily life.

I’d like to share it with you. I hope it inspires you to come up with your own manifesto on how you wish to live your life!

Manifesto for Daily BEing
by Starcat

It doesn’t matter what others think of me, or even my own judgment. There is only the flow, and whether I’m in it or not. When I’m not in my authentic flow, there’s no way I can help anyone else, or the world, or fulfill my purpose.

When I am in that flow of pure beingness, then I can change and uplift not only my own world, but all the worlds.

So the key thing to do in my life is to continually find my way into the groove in each precious and unfolding moment. By doing this, I am setting the tone for the life I want to inhabit, being an awesome role model for my community, and becoming more deeply enchanted by my life’s purpose.

I am here as one of the fae Earth angels who are helping to ramp up the vibration of human consciousness and to bring more harmony, magick, and love to this beautiful planet. This work happens not on a grand scale, but moment by moment, day by day, creative spark by creative spark.

In service to this Muse of Pure Beingness, I devote myself to living each day in the Vortex.

1. Begin the day with intention. Waken slowly, remember my dreams, do my daily spiritual practice.

2. When I commit to waking up before I’m done sleeping due to some fun event, awaken with extra self-care and nourishing. Ask for help when I feel the need.

3. Accomplish household chores with a light heart. Play in the kitchen, dance at the clothesline, find my joy there.

4. Devote a chunk of focused time to the creative project that has the brightest glow to it. Play my way in, and then let the creative flow state have its way with me.

5. Remember to move my body the way she likes. Go outside. Walk, swim, hula-hoop, hike, play with the dogs, dance, do yoga.

6. Be awake and aware about what I’m putting into my body. Eat with perfect love and perfect trust, just the right amount, just what I feel best nourishes all of me.

7. Do email, social media, blogging, and other such correspondence with a sense of fun and openness. Only give attention to these tasks when it feels fun and playful.

8. Relate with my beloveds from the heart. Show them how I truly feel about them. Listen more. Give more hugs. Say “I love you” more often.

9. Honor the ebb and flow of my daily energy tides. When I’m done with a thing, put it down. Feel my way into this.

10. Let each day be different, yet always with that feeling of deep inner relaxation.

11. Do my blissful nighttime ritual. Read before sleep, snuggle, set my intentions for dreaming and for the next day, mentally list my gratitudes, enter my dream tower with an open heart. Rest passionately.

By living each day, no matter what I’m up to, with this soulful flow, I’ll be so tuned in to my life’s purpose that I’ll reach new heights, ones I never thought possible, and bring the dream to life, right here on our beloved Mother Earth.

So mote it be! Blessed Be!

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