Why Fae?

One of my many projects (me? overcommit? nah!) is blogging for a brand new inspiring website that’s going to be launched soon. I’m one of a dozen or so bloggers. We all have superhero-style titles as part of our pen names, like Taran the Magnificent (yeah, I totally made that example up).

The one I chose is Starcat the Fae. Why?

facesI enjoy living my life as a character in a faery tale. I open myself to the magick that still dwells in the world’s hidden places. It manifests as synchronicities that you don’t want to brush away as coincidence. Sparkles seen out of the corner of your eye. A wee boost where you need it and least expected it. Laying your hands on someone who is hurting and watching them sigh and relax.

Life’s daily dose of miracles. That’s magick.

My life philosophy? I choose to see reality as a myriad of experiences, all valid, all interconnected, all part of the Multiverse. I don’t see this life as the only one I am living; my dreams tell a different story. On this plane, this version of the physical Earth, I see us all as here to learn and grow. We are remembering how to weave our own magick with that of the land, the sky, the sea, the sun and moon and stars, our fellow creatures, elementals, fae spirits, ancestors and descendants, unknown beings…to dance with All That Is.

It does sound kind of fae, huh?



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