Starcat’s Favorites: Surviving To Thriving

Do you ever feel like you’re going through your days just sort of surviving? Going from one thing to another, solving problems, dealing with what’s in front of you…but feeling like you’re not really getting anything done. I mean, the things that matter to you in a deep heartfelt way, like your creative calling. I’ve been in survival mode myself, a bit, this month.

My Aunt has had another surgery – planned, and successful, but still, I worry. A friend is in the hospital with a severe infection, it’s the one-year anniversary of Jenn’s death, and Dryst’s soccer season is in full swing. Quester is getting ready to head up north again. Our homeschool co-op is starting up; I’m on the governing board as well as teaching and assisting with classes, so that keeps me busy. I’m co-teaching a 6-week Elements of Magick course, my women’s group has started up again, and I’m taking a new yoga class. Of course, there’s also unschooling and housework and Dark Follies performances and my side job. Phew!

lossI’m looking at ways to thrive, even when I’m in full-on busy mode. I mean, it’s pretty much all stuff I’ve chosen to do. So why not enjoy it? And have time for writing and creating and ramping up my businesses? I say yes!

Here are some inspiring links for your weekend. I hope you’re finding ways to thrive and enjoy your daily life.

I guess I’m giving myself a pep talk through the links I’m grooving on this week. It’s your turn, so here we go: Know that you are not alone. You can choose yourself! Some great things to remind yourself of daily.

Sometimes I still feel bad about being so freaking sensitive. This is a wonderful reminder that sensitivity does have its benefits.

Here’s a really cool project to try. Guaranteed to help you in your quest to thrive.

A thoughtful article about how to bring more empathy and compassion to the online spaces you visit.

Want to come up with new ideas? Here are some tips for creative innovation.

And last but not least, a treat: Have you read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz? It’s amazing and incredibly useful in crafting a thriving life. Want to have it read to you? Click here and listen while you clean the house or take a walk.


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  1. Joanna Macy’s latest book, “Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re In Without Going Crazy” is the one book I recommend to nearly *everyone* these days. If you’re awake, if you’re sensitive, if you’re conscious and care about the earth, about the environment, the economy, friends, etc., you can’t help but shrink back at times from the constant onslaught of seeming bad news.

    How we react, how we ground, sit with it, and work with it is the key. Joanna’s book holds keys to doing this, and how to create a joyful life in the here and now even when much appears bleak. For me, it’s the one of the most powerful statements we can make to the world: YES it’s effed up, but YES, LIFE IS GOOD! :)

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