In This Moment…

My sweet soul sister V. over at Gypsy Om put up a writing prompt on her Facebook page, a lovely sky picture with the words “in this moment…” So I spontaneously decided to use it to write a blog post. Here goes.

In this moment, I’m thankful for so many things: homemade split pea soup on a chilly day, the Merlin cat snuggles I received last night, the first royalty payment for my new e-book (small right now, but just the beginning), my parents (whose 50th anniversary is in two days), being part of such a loving family, having a vibrant community of cool creative folks, a good book I’m reading, the lovely quiet Samhain ritual I attended last night, and so much more.

In this moment, I’m pondering the meandering path of my writing career. I just signed up for NaNoWriMo, my first time, and I’m excited about a foray into fiction, new territory for me. I’m running into a few roadblocks with what I thought would be some fruitful ways to promote my Cultivating Self-Love e-book, and trying to figure out why, and what my best next steps should be.

In this moment, I feel physically rested and flexible, mentally alert and creative, emotionally a bit confused but hopeful, and spiritually connected and full of potential.

In this moment, I’m glad to be writing on my blog. I’m not worried about my to-do list, even though it is substantial. I’m content to do what I’m inspired to do, and trust that everything that needs to get done, will. I’m not worried about finances, either. Things will work out. They always do.

In this moment, everything is as it should be, because it is what it is. I smell beans simmering on the stove. I hear my fingers tapping at the keyboard. I see my cozy home, and outside the window, pretty trees and grey-blue skies. I feel warm and cozy in my yoga clothes. In this moment, all is well. Contented sigh.

Tell me what you think!

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