Starcat’s Favorites: Memories

This past week was heavily steeped in memories. Quester’s Dad passed away last fall, and this week the family gathered for a private memorial. We spent our time together sharing stories, toasting his presence in our lives, and scattering his ashes in the ocean at his most beloved place. At the same time, we were also creating new memories: swimming in the lake, creating and enjoying a BBQ feast, sharing s’mores around the fire, and enjoying the company of family members we don’t see often. It was sad, but also filled with laughter and love.

I’m so thankful for family – not only my own wonderful family of origin and my kids, but also the extended relations brought to me by my beloved partners, and the friends who have become chosen family over the years. I appreciate all of you!

Here are some links to get your week started on a positive and thoughtful note.

Letting go of what you can’t control is such a powerful lesson.

A great reminder about how to relax and play.

Reach for your biggest dreams!

Happy New Moon today! Here’s an article about working with the moon‘s phases.

Have you read the recent articles about how “sitting is killing us?” I think that’s kind of an extreme way of putting it, but I agree that a wider range of motion is a good idea. Here’s a humorous and interesting post on it.

The traditional 40-hour workweek is so last century…

A neighborhood for cats…aww!

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