Starcat’s Favorites: Remembering

Hi! I didn’t have time to post over the weekend, but I figured since it’s Memorial Day here in the U.S., you might have some extra time to savor some links. Memorial Day is not just an extra day to mow the lawn or work in the garden, but it’s also for remembering those who have passed away. It’s often focused on those who served in the military, but I like to expand it out and remember my loved ones who have died.

As it happens, I was closest to some of the women in my family, none of whom were involved in the military as far as I know. I do remember my Grampa Smith, but only a bit, as I was pretty young when he passed. My Grampa Grant died when I was just a baby. My Grammy Smith and I were quite close, and I think of her often. She died when I was a teenager, and I’ve often wished she could have been alive to meet my kids. My Nana Grant wasn’t around much longer than Grampa Smith, but I remember having fun times playing at her home. Great-Auntie Bee was a big part of my life, and I get my journal-keeping and independent spirit from her. Hazel Cushman was a close family friend when I was a teenager, and I enjoyed spending time with her and working for her. Blessings to all of them!

I’m also remembering beloved animal companions who have passed on. I’m sorry that cats have such a shorter life span than we humans. It’s sad when they leave us, but I still feel their feline presence.

Here are my favorites from the past couple of weeks. As you may have noticed, I’m doing the Starcat’s Favorites every two weeks now instead of weekly. I’d love to hear your feedback about this feature, and the blog in general. Have a good holiday and a lovely week!

My writing project, an e-book called Cultivating Self-Love, is coming along great. The topic is so inspiring, and I loved discovering this writer’s take on becoming friends with yourself.

Here’s an interesting post on truth vs. intention.

I’m still finding lots of good links and information about learning. I want to share this one even though I haven’t listened to it yet, because I trust NPR, Ted Talks, and the person who shared it with me. I’m sure it has lots of interesting ideas. I think I need to get a device that can play these things on the go!

My troupe leader shared this article about the value of constructive criticism from teachers. It’s centered on dance, but can certainly apply in other areas as well. Interesting food for thought.

One of the awesome women I met at Life Rocks! has started blogging about her unschooling journey. Love it!

Another unschooling blog post, this one from some traveling learners about their favorite place.

And for the writers among us, or those interested in the craft, here are a couple more links. This one is more about sales than writing, but I found it pretty funny and thought-provoking. And this article made my bookworm heart soar. I love to read! So cool that it’s helping my writing; hmm, this could justify even more reading time…

Tell me what you think!

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