It’s All in the Groove

I came downstairs yesterday, a Monday morning, all ready for some writing time. I wanted to get back to work on the e-book, which I hadn’t done for a week or so. When I looked around, though, the house was quite a mess. The floors needed vacuuming, there were piles of stuff that needed to be tidied, and the kitchen was heaped with dirty dishes. Yuck.

Since I work on the laptop at the kitchen table, I was faced with the conundrum of: how can I work in these conditions?! I got a bit upset, and wondered if I could just power through and ignore the mess in favor of the writing I really wanted to do. But I admit, it was bugging me. And I didn’t especially feel like doing housework.

So I paused and sat down for a few minutes, tuning in to what I was feeling, and asking myself how I could harmoniously resolve it. I breathed into the discomfort and let all parts of my mind have their say.

Then I made my choice: it wouldn’t really take that long to get the place tidied and cleaned. I would do the housework first. And rather than doing it with resentment and resistance, I chose to do it cheerfully. I put on some good music and started working. Soon BlackLion chipped in and helped me. We got the place in good shape in a little over an hour.

As I was finishing the final few dishes and wiping things down, I felt a sense of ease. I was flowing with my creative energies. Even the simple act of clearing counters and getting things put away felt like it was contributing in some way to my creative work. I thought of the British phrase, “getting things set to rights.”

When I was done, I took a break for some food, and then I sat down at the laptop and wrote. As I created, I enjoyed the harmonious feeling of the sparkling house, and the fresh energies I’d brought to it. Those peaceful feelings infused my writing, which is for the e-book, titled Cultivating Self-Love.

There was no need for separating the tasks of the day. It’s all creative. It’s all part of the flow. Everything is energy, and you receive what you put out. It makes good sense.

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