Starcat’s Favorites: In the Heart of Summer

Here we are in the heart of summer! We’ve been having a heat wave here in Maine, which I always enjoy. I suspect I might be the only one, though. Most folks were huddled up miserably with air conditioners and fans. I’m strange, I know, but I love being very warm! Some of my other lives must be nearer to the equator.

Our family’s summer is going pretty well. We’ve been having lots of fun swimming in the ponds and river. Dryst went to a day-long concert with his friends, and ElvenTiger is getting ready for summer camp. The super hot weather has passed for now, but it’s still sunny and pleasant. I hope you’re enjoying yourself this lovely July!

Here are some links for your weekend amusement.

If you’re looking for a fantastic novel to read this summer, I very highly recommend this one. I couldn’t put it down until I was done.

We’re getting ready to host a big party next weekend, so I started thinking about some deep cleaning and organizing. This post brought a new level of thoughtfulness to the process.

BlackLion has been doing some transformation, and is seeking out some additional joyful community to enrich his experience.

While we’re on the topic of community, here’s a great article on why women (and men too, I suspect) thrive more in tribes.

It’s summer, traditionally a time to relax, yet often we still push ourselves to be productive. How do you find a balance?

Here’s one for my fellow introverts, and those who love them.

Have a super fabulous fun week!

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