Notes From the Homestead

This week has been a transition week, from an incredibly full and busy early autumn to a more quiet and introspective late autumn. Even though it involved me being rather ill, I’m thankful for this time at home to rest and dream.

The only time I’ve been out and about this week (other than venturing out into the yard for some fresh air) was Tuesday, when we took Merlin to the vet and went to vote. And I’m just fine with that. I enjoy having lots of time at home. When Quester and I were first married, before the kids were born, we discovered that having someone around during the week, at least for part of the time, worked much better than having us both working full-time hours and being gone all the time. It’s what makes a house a home. When people hear about homeschooling they often think that means your family is home a lot, but with all the fun activities, classes, and gatherings available these days, that’s not necessarily true! And sometimes it can be challenging to find the right balance.

So this week we’ve mostly been just BEing, and relaxing at home. Dryst did go to homeschool group last night, and stayed overnight there with his best friend. He’s been enjoying having his new computer setup in his room, and playing lots of games as well as chatting online with friends. Dryst is really interested in current events, and has been keeping up with the election and the results. He came upstairs Tuesday night to let us know when the presidential race was called. Amazing to think that he’ll be voting himself in just two years!

ElvenTiger, BlackLion, and I have finished the Buffy and Angel series and have chosen a new series to watch together: Once Upon a Time. We’re almost halfway through season 1, and I like it so far. ElvenTiger did some archery with Quester earlier in the week. She’s been doing some random reading on her own, which makes me smile, as she’s one who has struggled with reading and thus doesn’t usually read for pleasure very often. Nice to see her skills blossoming, in her own time. Also, she’s been really enjoying Minecraft lately. They quoted a line from a song the other day, which cracked her up.


The cats have been very snuggly lately, and have been hanging around indoors more (and you can see ElvenTiger playing Minecraft in the background of the picture).cats around the homestead

If you want to see more cute cat pictures, be sure to check out our latest Feline Dreamers blog post.

We’ve enjoyed some good wholesome foods: potato-leek soup, fruit smoothies, vegetable curry, a yummy miso soup that a friend brought over to help me heal, and split-pea soup. Rather heavy on the soups, but that’s just fine with me. The kids supplemented with other things, like homemade spaghetti sauce and pasta, and BlackLion’s homemade bread. He made them a cinnamon-swirl bread that Dryst has been craving, and they gobbled it up quickly, with peanut butter.

My recovery from this nasty cold virus is proceeding pretty well. I’ve rested a lot, in between doing some housework and such. I will say that (TMI Alert!) having coughing fits when you have your period isn’t really the best idea. Especially if you use cloth pads. Yeah. I had a bunch of laundry to do, anyway… This weekend I’ll have some more time to rest and recover. In terms of the Pagan Lent, I haven’t had any cravings for sugar, fried foods, or anything like that, which has been good. All my cravings have been for soups and smoothies, and my body has generally felt nourished with less food than normal.

Despite the illness, which could be just my body’s way of ramping up the detox, I think I’m making a rather good start. I’ve been in a good place lately in terms of spiritual, mental, and emotional attitude. It’s nice to be able to help my physical self catch up to those higher vibes, and to do it with gentleness and self-love. Time to light some candles and start dinner. Blessings to you!



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  1. Sounds like what I had 2 weeks ago! I hope you feel better soon!! I also found soups to be a huge blessing, and now that colder weather is here, I make TONS of them “just because”. Thinking of you and hoping you’re feeling better soon! ~ Val

  2. Thanks Val! I’ve been reading your blog too, and it sounds like we’re both focusing on healthier eating. Best wishes! Let me know if you want to trade recipes or anything.

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