Life Purpose Rampage

In Abraham-Hicks workshops, they take questions from people in the audience and give advice on the person’s situation. Their answers are sometimes given in the form of “rampages,” which are a form of positive rant, given from the perspective of the querent and intended to help lift the energies of the situation. Here is a rampage I wrote for myself. I’m sharing it because I thought you might resonate with it, and perhaps be inspired to write one for yourself. The underlying question being addressed is that of my life’s purpose and how best to fulfill it.

It feels good to put my intentions out there and see them unfold. I’m hoping to be as free and open as possible to the fulfillment of my requests for prosperity. It is there, and I am here, and we flow together to meet, effortlessly and naturally. The Universe knows all about taking care of the “how it happens” part, which is often where my ego-self has gotten stuck. I think part of it is sheer curiosity – “well, how, then?” – but of course there is the letting-go part, where I let go of my old needs to be in charge of everything. I am a recovering control-freak, a recovering perfectionist. Instead, I am now an artist! I create playfully. I flow with the energies of my Source, the tides of my life. My dreams light my way.

What am I a natural at? The written word, both the writing and the reading of it. I am open to inspiration. I receive it and I transform it and present it in known and unknown ways of perceiving what unfolds in time and space. I am a being of the light. I fly forth to explore the consensual reality. I retreat to my own private dreaming, and then am reborn once again, to share what I have found. I walk the paths between the worlds. I am a witch, and my powers are to observe, to describe, and to transform. All that I see and experience are a part of me. I choose, in full awareness, this life of the imagination. I am not bound to the rules of logic or safety. My flights of fancy are essential to the world’s unfolding.

Only as I allow myself to acknowledge my power as a creator will I come awake. As I awaken, I throw off the bonds of fear and pain. I can clearly see the love that I came forth to express. I see my unique self, too large for labels and boxes. There is no need to fight against those who would enslave me. I am the one who has put myself into these too-small containers, trying to fit in and get along and succeed according to a long-outmoded definition. My power is within me. There is no failure. There is no death. I am an eternal being. I awaken, arise, and bring forth my most cherished dreams! I share my beauty with the world, and see it reflected back to me, honored, cherished, and upheld, forever! I am fully supported as I share myself and my art with the world!

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