Centered Amidst Chaos

It’s summer! Our Summer Solstice here is Maine was accompanied by a lovely heat wave, so it immediately began feeling like the height of the season. I’m loving it.

I’ve been really busy with the Dark Follies show this week, with rehearsals, tech nights, dress rehearsal, and now, shows. Last night I sat on the floor in the big shared “green room” (dressing room) and did a bit of meditation before the opening night show began. All around me, I could hear the sounds of people getting ready for the show: the accordion player’s snippets of tunes as she warmed up, dancers chatting about their acts, some of the other performers joking around as they nibbled on snacks. I let it all swirl around me as I reached inside and found my center. Connecting to my inner source, I drew upon that deep wellspring of energy and let it emerge into my body and my consciousness. I found it surprisingly easy to center myself, even in such a chaotic setting.

It seems like a good tool for daily life. No matter what is going on around you, just take those three to five minutes to just close your eyes (no, not if you’re driving) and let whatever is happening, happen. Just let it be for a few moments and tune in to what’s going on inside.

Interestingly, I found this harder to do this morning in a quiet house. My fears and worries seemed to grow a bit larger, and louder. I had a good cry, which is cleansing, and then was more able to drop in and be present. We are all constantly changing, so it will be harder sometimes than others to connect with your inner self. It’s still important to show up and try. Be soft with it. Let go of judgement. Just be yourself. Just be.


Centered Amidst Chaos — 3 Comments

  1. I actually find it easier to find a quiet inside when I am surrounded by people; especially people with whom I share a purpose. I think that by seeing how I’m connected to others in such an obvious way, shared creativity for example, it somehow makes it easier for me to connect with my own core. As though they are the torches that light the way…

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